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The McCoyPottery.Com group of web sites, or McCoyPottery.Com Online Services was formed in early 1997 with the intent of providing an educational outlet for the open discussion of McCoy Pottery. Our goal has been to provide an open forum of discussion for McCoy Lovers world wide.

McCoyPottery.Com Online Services consists of the following entities

McCoyPottery.Biz McCoyPotterySearch.Com

McCoy Pottery Online http://www.McCoyPottery.Com

An informational web site with a growing database of McCoy Pottery images, displaying history, information, dates, marks and other important information about various pieces of McCoy pottery

McCoy Mailing Lists http://Lists.McCoyPottery.Com

With a growing database and a member list of over 800 list and digest users worldwide, the McCoyPottery.Com Mailing Lists provide active discussion on every aspect of McCoyPottery.Com. Users include, hobbyists, collectors, dealers, and newbies!

McCoy Pottery Store http://Store.McCoyPottery.Com

An online ecommerce system devoted to selling McCoyPottery.Com related items to further support our group of web sites. The store also sells verified, real, 100% McCoy Pottery Pieces!

McCoy Cookie Jar Store http://CookieJarStore.Com

Part of the McCoyPottery.Com Online Store, CookieJarStore.Com facilitates the sale of authentic and verified McCoy Cookie Jars.

McCoy Forums http://Forums.McCoyPottery.Com

An online PHP Driven Forums/Web Board where McCoyPottery Lovers worldwide can come together and discuss, share, and network about McCoy Pottery.

McCoy Chat http://Chat.McCoyPottery.Com

An online Web Chat reachable via web browsers, or IRC. Chat.McCoyPottery.Com is a place where McCoy Lovers worldwide can come together to chat in real time about McCoy related topics! Currently under re-design!!!

McCoy Auctions http://Auctions.McCoyPottery.Com

An online auction, (eBay Style) that is specifically geared towards and 100% McCoy ONLY!!! Buy and sell McCoy Pottery, Books, gifts, and other McCoy related items! Now Online !!!

eMcCoy http://eMcCoy.McCoyPottery.Com

Dubbed eMcCoy, a "Hotmail" style email system, offering FREE McCoyPottery.Com email, 50MB of space, IMAP/POP3 support, web based access, and more! NOW ONLINE!!!

.McCoy (dot McCoy) http://McCoyPottery.Com/dialup

Fast, inexpensive dialup internet by McCoyPottery.Com. With over 8000 dialup locations in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, .McCoy offers 10 email addresses, 50MB of web space, FREE Roaming, spam/virus filtering and more starting at just $9.95/month. Now Online!!!

McCoy Search http://McCoySearch http://McCoyPotterySearch.Com

Powered by Google, McCoy Search is an online search tool that allows complete indexing and searching of the McCoyPottery.Com group of sites. What's more you can search the web for McCoy related items too!

McCoyPottery.Com Online Services is a dba of Bella Mia, Inc. A privately held Wisconsin Corporation. Bella Mia, Inc. provides web based services ranging from web hosting, dialup, wireless, colocation, and dedicated servers. All trademarks and copyrights within this site are the property of their respective owners. Copyright 1997-2004 McCoyPottery.Com Online Services - a bella mia company - All rights reserved.

For more information about bella mia, please visit

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