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Auction Fees
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New User Registration on McCoy Pottery Auctions, you need to register on McCoy Pottery Auctions before you can sell or bid on any items in our auction.
Listing Fee
The Listing Fee is the charge made when listing an auction for sale on McCoy Pottery Auctions The Listing Fee applys to Std. Auctions. A standard Auction is one that has ONE Picture, and does NOT have the Highlighed, Bold, Category Feature or Home Page Feature enabled. Seperate fees apply in these cases, see below...
Additional Category Listing Fee
It is possible to list an item in more than one category, for example, a McCoy Planter could be listed in Planters and Planters/Figurines.
Buy it Now Fee

Buy-It-Now can be used on any auctions, to end an auction early if the buyer clicks the Buy-it-now Icon. Usually the Buy It Now price is higher than the start bid price.

Buy-It-Now ONLY - If it is desired to list an item as a Buy It Now ONLY Item, the way to do this is to set the STARTBID & the Buy-It-Now Price at the same Value. If this is done the option to bid will be disabled and the item may only be purchased by using Buy-It-Now

Reserve Price Fee
The Reserve Price is used so the Auction may be started at a low start bid to attract bidders, but to ensure that an item will not sell at a price lower than the seller is happy to accept.
Extra Pictures Fee
The 1st Picture for any Auction item is Free. If the seller wishes to have additional pictures an additional 3 pictures may be added *Note - The Fee is a flat fee for 1 - 3 pictures it is NOT applied per picture
Highlight Fee
If the seller wishes to Highlight their Auction item to enhance it's visibility this option is available when listing the auction
Bold Fee
If the seller wishes to enhance their Auction item title to BOLD Text this option is available when listing the auction
Category Feature Fee
If the seller wishes to display an item and picture at the top of the category in which the item has been listed, this is possible when listing the item
Home Page Feature Fee

If the seller wishes to Display their Item on the McCoy Pottery Auctions Home Page, this option is available when listing the item.

**Note The Homepage Feature works on a Random Rotation System. It cannot be guaranteed that every item will be displayed unless the home page is refreshed

End of Auction Fee
If the Auction ends without a sale there is NO FEE payable. If the auction completes with a sale (also applies to Buy it Now sales) A Fee becomes payable. This Fee is also known as the Final Value Fee (FVF) The FVF is Calculated as a percentage of the selling Price (Excluding P&P) of the itenm sold.
All auction fees will be payable (at present) by PayPal. When fees become due, an email will be sent to the seller, advising the amount due, and with a link to paypal. A credit card payment facility is planned for the future. Non-payment of fees will result in the user account (and any current auctions) being suspended until such times as the fees are paid in full.
Where fees remain unpaid, McCoy Pottery Auctions reserves the right to terminate the user account of the user involved. (All prices in US Dollars)
If You Have any queries about the Fee Structure, Please Click HERE to Email us

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